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      RFID based auto parts for anti-counterfeiting auto parts:
      accessories factory will carry RFID electronic tags accessories to the host plant, the host plant in the process of the assembly of the various accessories will be associated, the final information to a RFID electronic label, this label is the body of the vehicle's personal information proof.


      Internet plus technology for automobile market management: the establishment of automobile electronic archives; "automotive electronic health record system" for the media, the use of "technology Internet plus", to build maintenance enterprises as the focus of the data acquisition channels and payment channels, taking the data as the core, the reconstruction after the car market ecosystem health.


      Realize the whole process management in enterprise production:
      picking out the warehouse according to the production plan, automatically distributing the spare parts according to the production plan; intelligent proofreading the accuracy of the spare parts formula; distributing to each assembly line to realize the whole process of production in the enterprise.


      The method of Internet of things, large data analysis to realize product intelligence: high precision positioning module, high precision positioning of the vehicle, and can get all the basic data of the vehicle running through the OBD interface. The embedded main control module processor is mainly responsible for the response, processing and control of the data of the Beidou GPS navigation module, as well as the communication implementation and timing function of the CDMA module.


      Investigate the current situation and development direction of equipment intelligence in benchmarking enterprises.
      Carding equipment intellectualization in information construction business. Relying on the advantages of RFID,
      we build the foundation of the Internet of things for intelligent devices, automatically complete data collection, and provide effective data sources for big data management.


      Internet Of Things

      It has the world's leading RFID label research and development technology. At the same time, the common open platform of the Internet of things in China is the first to apply the common features of the integrated Internet of things, which can run through the common functions of perception, transmission and application services.


      Big Data

      A large number of RFID, senser technology under line layout, can provide a large number, accurate, timely decision data for managers, data to the cloud platform in real time, to help managers make more scientific decisions.

      Actual Strength

      The core R & D staff of the V HOPE, with RFID years of business association, strong independent R & D and innovation force, have written and approved a number of global and domestic patents, and have successfully promoted a number of National Sports Federation projects.


      The IOT scheme separations the equipment running data from the business data, involving private data in their own servers or private clouds to ensure the security of the data; the data interaction uses the QOS 0\1\2 standard to ensure that the key data (such as reverse control) 100% is delivered and is delivered only once.



      Zhang Xiao Dong

      Senior partner of V HOPE

      He has been in the RFID industry for 20 years.
      and founded the Dexin couplet in 2004.
      Focusing on the Internet of things for twenty years, it has written and approved 7 global invention patents and 12 domestic invention patents.


      Wang Zhan Song

      Chief engineer of the V HOPE

      The master's degree in Tongji University, working in the RFID field for 12 years, is responsible for the development of a number of large-scale projects: spacecraft solar cell packaging and testing equipment, successfully used in the Shenzhou series, Chang'e and other spacecraft solar wings.


      Zhao Qiang

      Director of the V HOPE's software technology

      The eighth University of Paris, France, has a master's degree in artificial intelligence and algorithm optimization. In 2006, the chess game system was implemented by using machine learning principles similar to AlphaGo.


      Cheng li

      Director of the V HOPE's hardware technology

      Engaged in RFID work, apply for a number of RFID design patents. He has been the top management of technology in the company. He is mainly responsible for R & D and project work. Foxconn (2017 sales $158 billion 900 million) intelligent warehouse information management system pilot.


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      RFID Handheld Terminal

      RFID The handheld terminal is flexible and easy to use, supports the handheld data acquisition terminal of HF / UHF RFID, and can read labels in batches, fast and long distances. It is mainly used in asset management, stock taking, traceability, drug safety supervision and industrial process management.

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      amazing caves coverimage
      Flying bicycle

      Electronic Label

      The electronic label is the carrier of RFID technology.
      As a data carrier, electronic tags can play the role of identification, tracking, and information collection. It consists of three parts: the tag (Tag), the reader (Reader) and the antenna (Antenna).

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      ABOUT US


      A number of invention patents, build state-level project core technology; enterprise innovation, business innovation, help China achieve industrial 4.0


      Elite team, independently developed RFID technology, Internet of things hardware and software technology, industry technology far ahead.


      Mature technology research and development team, the project involves the production of all walks of life, realizing management, intelligent service, intelligent production, intelligent product and intelligent equipment.


      We use the leading technology of the world to customize the development for specific high-end customers.

      V HOPE looking forward to working with you to win together

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      Fax : 400-000-000
      Email : postmaster@vhope.com
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